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parts of the bay area, you'll see what it looks like. we do have some rainfall around san francisco. walnut creek has been moderate, san jose getting a bit of a lull. we do have a slight chance of thunderstorms. i'll let you know if plans get underway. the full forecast is coming up. let's head to marin county now checking in with abc 7 news with the situation there. >> rains:xon here have been stey but no huge deluges of rain or gusts of wind or anything to deal with. and it has not been that much of a cold rain until a half hour ago, it's been warm here. still, it's a great idea making sure have you rain jackets on. and to make sure you carry your umbrella. right now,
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traffic moving along as you'd expect on a friday evening. it's packed and slow moving and the rain has another layer, we did not see crashes or fender benders so seems like drivers are taking time so far for the last hour and a half rain raz has not been coming down in buckets but has been steady. i understand it there are bands of rain forecast to come through here, as the evening goes along, and as of course, the evening sets in, it will be colder. reporting live,. >> a tense situation because of the weather tonight. residents don't want to get stuck in the mud, again that. is what could happen.
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abc 7 is live in that neighborhood tonight with the latest there. >> officials came by about an hour ago when there was a break in the weather. so far they are, bey÷8( sheer something interesting i just found out. daily city is now saying that it did not lose 45,000 gallons of water and is now saying it lost 98,000 gallons. residents with only wait and worry. >> you can never avoid thinking bit. you know? what rb the next. >> a huge gully carved by 45,000 gallons of water. city officials believe age of the pipe was a factor. down below, residents left with mounds of debris.
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knowing the torm was approaching the city responded quickly to keep the soil in place. jute netting secured for erosion and set many control. any runnoff will be diverted water drain. >> so far, we've been monitoring. there has been rain occurring here, we have been intending to move. >> there is a safety precaution. >> the closest house to the shild, he says he feels safe. >> the way you look at them, we have a quick response. very, very quick. >> some residents not taking chances and moving car as way from the park. >> that is why i'm moving it
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right now. >> the city left this back hoe behind. neighbors have been told police will patrol the area this evening. >> hope for the best. >> and crews will be on stand by tonight and all weekend. >> one more note here on weather. you might want to call ahead, some flights at san francisco international airport experiencing 15-45 minuteé(ke delays. morning flights were cancelled.hvr÷ and planes delayed. >> a san francisco sheriff deputy is in jail arks rested for robbing a bank. abc 7 news joins us live from the san francisco jail with that story.
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>> senior deputy is now in custody here at the county jail where until morning part of the job was supervising the inmates. the 36-year-old is accused of robbing the bank of america on balboa on november 7th. the district attorney says he walked in and handed the teller a demand note. the note said he had a weapon but never showed one. the teller gave him 1700s skpdz he left. >> the residents expect men and women in uniform to uphold themselves with the highest respect for the law. and the aks of the individual are going to be serious consequences for them. >> investigators used fingerprints to identify tong. he was arrested at 7:30 this morning. here is what we know about him
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so far. senior deputy is 36 years old became a deputy in 2005. he's facing second degree burglary and second degree robbery. >> you can go to state prison up to five years for robbery. it's avery violent offense. >> he's been held on $150,000 bail. it's expected he'll be arraigned this coming monday afternoon.ñut >> another law enforcement officer is in custody tonight police are looking for his wife. the former police commander and his wife are charged with stealing $750,000 from an 8 to-year-old resident. investigators say say he used
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police position to gain trust of the victim. >> now to a bizarre case. a man arrph at oakland international airport claims it was just an art project. the 49-year-old was arrested after he was spotted with an item resembling an ied. inspectors found a watch looking like a bomb as he began to go through security. >> the watch had on it a toggle switch. a series of fuses and wires pro truding from it. >> no explosives were found. police say he was wearing boots that had been altered. there were layors of insoles. he was arrested for possession of materials.
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>> we have unemployment rate dipped last month, down just one tenth of a point from september but part of a decline, 45,800 people hired in october. most have been hired for seasonal jobs. california jobless rate fallen since october 2011. the state adding 295,000 nonform jobs. news sent wall street to its best finish since election day. the dow finished and fell for the fourth week in a row. the nasdaq climbed 16 points. the s and p 500 enjoyed a gain in light trading. >> san francisco 49ers head coach is back, coaching his team tonight and talking about
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it's help. abc 7 news is live at 49ers headquarters tonight. a lot of relief for fans and players. >> the coach says he felt his heartbeating and he did what his doctors told him to do. anyone who knows the 49ers coach knows being side lined for a day gave him more anxiety than reason for the time out. >> this is something i've had fr a while. probably close to all of my life. >> the koch of the year was at stanford hospital to normalize the heart rate. hours later he had doctorzi3v permission to smeek back. >> the guy is unbelievable.
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i'm like what are you doing? just, coming to check it out. >> this is like five minutes ago. unbelievable. a lot of respect. >> players relieved now as they were concerned. >> this is kind of scary. he's our head coach. >> he says don't expect changes today on focusing on the showdown with the bears. >> glad to be prepared for the game. i'm ready to go to work. >> the coach says he did d.have another procedure 14 years ago. he miss aid couple practices at that time.
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the coach turned 49 next month. in santa clara, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. action. >> absolutely. >> still to come, a teen-aged boy arrested for a brutal tack on a woman. >> you're going to hear the reason police say the boy twont a tore popular with family after committing the crime. >> the rush to get hostess cup takes -- cupcake treats.
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tee tailz on the brutal kidnapping and assault on an elderly woman. police say a 14-year-old suspect car jacked a victim, sexual assaulted her, and then, left her in a ditch, near interstate 806789 abc 7 news
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is live where police caught up with that teen-aged suspect. >> that is right. police say this woman was abducted at gun point in this parking lot. assaulted and left in that ditch, then this, boy came back here, we're told and went inside of the store and asked a girl out on a dater.t% beforee was arrested. police say a 65-year-old woman walking to her van in this parking lot was confronted by a 14-year-old boy with a gun. >> she'd been forced to drive to a location within miles of the point of the abduction. she was assaulted. left unconscious.0ñ0h2 and duct taped in a ditch. >> that ditch in the area of hiddenberg parkway. passers by found the woman, physically and sexual assaulted. and about the same time, the
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victim's family received a call from the suspect. >> the caller demanded money in exchange for return. >> the police say the boy drove the van back to the parking lot then asked a young female employee if she'd like to go to see the new twilight movie with him. the boy went into the store after him and a short time later employees started yelling. >> all of a sudden you heard one of the guys in the back of the store yelling call 911. and lock doors, no one in or out. and everyone is running to the front of the store. you can see and hear shuffling. after a while they handcuffed the kid brought him forward. >> today we found the store open for business as yush, some were nervous about what happened here last night. >> i heard on the news last
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night someone had been abducted from the lot at night. a 14-year-old? that is scary. >> the 14-year-old boy is in juvenile hall. the 65-year-old bim recovering at a local hospital. the boy will be charged with assault, armed robbery, attempted murder, car jacking and kidnapping for rans ym, one other note, that car, the gun was a fake. in vallejo, abc 7 news. >> interesting. laura, thank you. a woman accused of murdering a retired teacher appeared in court. tanya washington and her husband, darnell accused of killing 55-year-old suzy ko part of a crime spree from southern california to washington state. washington has been charged with murder. the public defender had been appointed. both wash and her husband will be back in court december 7th.
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>> hostess going out of business. the company says it's operating on thin bargains and a week long strike was the final blow. today, hostess lovers made a run to stock up on the products. >> this is go gs to be gone but workers lost a lot of jobs. too. that is the last thing we need. >> it is. i've been coming here all my life. things change.çn!9ñ >> about 18,000 jobs will be lost z the companies's roughly 500 stores will stay open several days to sell products. >> tonight abc 2020 going behind closed doors and spelling beans about some restaurants dirty secrets.teñ >> this is almost universally acknowledged fact that bread and butter tends to sirk
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you'll yait from table to table. >> they add pickles and seoul ss slaw. real dish into investigations of the food you eat airs on 2020 tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> i shoulder to think about that. >> yes. skip bread and butter. >> sandhya pattem has been busys the storm system bringing rain. >> this is storm number one. we have storm number two to go. let's go outside. here is a live picture, we have clouds out there. let's go another live picture now, it's raining up in tahoe. breezing level is over. it's over 8,000 feet.
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on twitter;0qm balmy, light r!, and camille posts steady, pouring rain. this depends on where you are. we do have a radar on mount st. helena. and there is a pocket of heavier rain heading towards the wood acre area in three minutes. watch for the brief down pours. down owe-to-street level, san francisco, bay street, you can see some light rain nouch we do havefxu moderate rain showing up around 680. lake herman road. watch out for possibilitytjz[ f brief down pours. looking at sierra nevada not a lot happening here.w?ñ=ñ snow2ñ2esis at the high elevatis
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so here is what it looks like so far. so far on the light side. san jose, 7/100ths. we'll be counting more than that. temperatures in 50s and 60s. it is pretty mild. here are the highlights. a coiledder storm coming up tomorrow night. will the weekend be a washout? you're going to have breaks between the storms tomorrow morning it's going to be wet. temperatures into 50s. you have umbrellas. there is al÷>!h light chance ofa thunderstorm possibility between late tonight and early tomorrow morning. here is the storm system. really we'll continue as we head into the morning hours.
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colder storms developing. it's coming down from the gulf of alaska going to be a switch up. right now, it's milder storms. tonight starting at 7:00 you'll notice moderate to heavy rain. light to moderate. the cold front starts to come in. if you have evening plans, there can be brief rainfall. we'll see just clouds out there. rainfall totals up to three inches. santa cruz mountains. three quarters to an inch by 9:00 a.m. sunday morning. sierra nevada up above, several thousand feet. could see up to elevations.
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temperatures upper 50s to mid-60s. you get a little bit of a break. around the bay, temperatures into low to mid-60s. accu-weather forecast/?f. chane of rain, rain returns and showers early thanksgiving day, then, it's dry. it's looking good now for thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> finney's friday free stuff coming up. >> what is a ear bud yoyo? hang around, coming up. >> thank you. we'll stick around for that. it's a school of heroes. university of entrepreneurs
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the weekend is here. >> to that end we deploy
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michael. >> this is the ear bud yoyo you've heard so much about. >> okay. >> what in the world? >> take a look at this thing. it's treating your ear bud plastic thing there? there is a clip. that clips onto the end of the ear buds. you know they're tangled? you can whip them around like that. like a yoyo. then that is a great idea we're missing -- messing around with it today sh it works well. then, free photographs here, thumb through some. one free 8-10 family photo throughout november from jc penny. and as a matter of fact this guy is better looking than you. you can just take that photo. >> yes. i'll take it keep it on your december ook oh, look. >> oh, goodness. >> it's a free sitting, three 8 by 10 and a digital as well.
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so how do we get this? >> oh, great question. you can log on to abc 7 >> and what is next best to free stuff? how about cheap stuff? abc 7 can help you decidecj0a which blk friday sas to catch. you can also browse through sale ads on abc 7 under see it on tv. you're going to get a deal. >> thank you. >> sure. >> thank you.//g >> coming up, this coming sunday we're going to take a look at wide spread discrimination faced by transgender people. people born in a body that does not match their gender identity. and a resources for counseling,
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jobs and housing discriminations.. >> i said yes i'm going to transition sh we didn't talk eight months. i mean, she refused to call me claire. didn't want me to visit or come home. >> there are programs to support ask i hope you'll join me to learn more about the issue this coming sunday at 10:00. >> that would be a powerful
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coming up at 6:00 we're keeping watch on the rain moving through now. spencer christian is monitoring live doppler 7 hd. also, possible fine google could face for rile yaiting your privacy. will it be enough to teach a bpv
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>> this celebrating a bay area company that spent 25 years making people laugh. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> world news is coming up next. before we go, let's touch base quickly for a look at radar. we've got wernl coming in. >> absolutely. let's take a look at dop liv live -- doppler 7 hd. there is some moderate to heavy rain. so stay tuned to abc 7 news. of course, track all of the weather. >> we'll do it. >> thank you very much. we'll be back again with abc 7 news at 6:00. thanks for watching. this is "world news." tonight, rain of fire. families taking cover in israel and gaza. showered with rockets.

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